Frýdlant Castle

Official web presentation

Closed today

In accordance with emergency measure issued by the Ministry of Health Frýdlant castle has been closed and all guided tours and events have been cancelled until further notice. For more info see our web site.


Plan your visit


Park place is 50 m from the entrance. 


  • car 50 Kč
  • bus 150 Kč
  • minibus 100 Kč
  • motorcycle 30 Kč


Castle area is wheelchair accessible.

Movement in a park can be demanding. (reconstruction)

Tour in a castle is demanding because of stairs.



Entrance with pets is banned.


Bicycle stands are prepared in front of the castle.


Child care facilities

Vzhledem k obsahu a rozsahu prohlídky základního okruhu je doporučen vstup dětem od 6 let. 

Zázemí pro děti není v areálu zajištěno.


Between parking place and entrance to the castle there is a souvenir shop which offers refreshment.